Made of Tales

A collaborative project by House of Mulani and NotJustANumber


House of Mulani believes that there is an abundance of knowledge and expertise to be gained by the communities that welcome refugees. However becoming a refugee – a stateless person – often results in the obstruction of one’s habits and – at worst – the disappearance of life-long traditions. To address some of these issues we decided to put our heads together with the organization NotJustANumber. A new collaborative project named Made of Tales born.

Made of Tales will respond to the following obstacles:

• Lack of opportunities to cultivate and express one’s cultural heritage
• No central space for refugees to mingle with locals
• Loads of creative talents, energy and willingness to create remain untapped due to lack of businesses and job opportunities that would enable refugees to participate and gain full ownership of their projects
• Refugees are perceived as passive, aid dependent agents, instead of active and creative participants of their new societies

We therefore propose to open an atelier / cultural centre / shop / workshop that will feature the work of newcomers from around the world. Made of Tales is a co-creative project. Together with newcomers we will make items for a slow fashion line. This means each piece will be one-of-a-kind, made of carefully picked second hand fabrics or rest materials. This way we want to share culture-bound knowledge that travelled across the world – with an audience that is engaged – thus keeping it alive.

Our motto is; “There’s no need to travel abroad for cultural treasures and wisdom. It’s all here, around us. We just need to sharpen our eyes to take it all in.”

The goal of Made of Tales is to create stories and items that one can cherish for a lifetime. And by buying our products and participating in our events, you will support newcomers in finding a hub where their knowledge and culture is revitalized and respected.